Imaging Toolbox Updates July 2013

A new update to the Imaging Toolbox has just been released with several great new features, including:

  • Create, name and display multiple reticules simultaneously to compare the fields of view of different camera and telescope / lens combinations. Great for evaluating prospective investments in new equipment!
  • Arrange multiple reticules by panning them horizontally and vertically.  Handy for planning a wide-field mosaic consisting of several image panes.
  • Save all existing reticules to your browser and reload them automatically on your next visit.
  • Experimental support for tablets/smartphones with a display that re-sizes to fit narrower screens.

Read on for more information.

New Features

The new version of the Imaging Toolbox enables you to create multiple reticules and display them simultaneously using the new ‘Compare’ tool.

  • One use of the new ‘Compare’ tool is to visualise the effect of different cameras and telescope combinations on the same target.  Hopefully this will take some of the guesswork out of planning to invest a significant sum of money on a new camera or telescope.
Comparing the Fields of View of Several Cameras on the Same Scope
As well as rotating the reticule, you can now pan it vertically and horizontally relative to the centre of the main sky image using the ‘Pan X’ and ‘Pan Y’ tools.
  • When combined with the ‘Compare’ tool, panning makes it simple to plan out a multi-pane mosaic of any target that is too large to fit in a single shot.  Create a reticule showing your camera/scope’s field of view, make multiple copies of it using the ‘Copy’ button in the ‘Compare’ tool and then use the Pan and Rotate controls to create a mosaic layout as shown below:
Creating a Mosaic using the Compare and Pan/Rotate Tools
Full release notes for the latest version of the Imaging Toolbox can be found below, and more information is available in the Instructions.
Release Notes

V0.6b – July 2013

  • Second beta release.
  • 588 telescope brand/models.
  • 383 distinct camera models.
  • New in Aladin Lite:
  • Zoom in/out buttons.
  • New Features:
  • Experimental support for tablets/smartphones, Aladin Lite display re-sizes to fit narrower screens.
  • Redesigned forms, better browser compatibility and flexible layout for mobile devices.
  • Removed ‘Simple Forms’ option as hopefully no longer required due to new forms layout.
  • Create and name multiple reticules and compare them on screen simultaneously.
  • Label each reticule with a description.
  • Save/load current set of reticules to browser local storage.
  • Display and offset multiple reticules to plan a mosaic.
  • Refactored code, more object orientation, doubtless new bugs to find.
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Limit Aladin Lite zoom to 90 degrees when a reticule is displayed to minimise scaling/projection issues.
  • Known Issues:
  • The Aladin Lite Sinus projection is used by default.  This can result in some distortion of the survey background when zooming at different scales, especially close to the celestial poles.
  • Zooming limits only work if the current reticule is displayed, i.e. if other reticules are displayed but the current one is not, it is possible to zoom wider than 90 degrees, which will may lead to erroneous display of the field of view in the other reticules at such large scales.

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  1. Hi there,
    I just found this amazing tool and two days later the camera and lens drop downs stop working. Tried on 3 different browsers 3 different computers. Something server side? 🙁

    1. Yes sorry hopefully sorted now. One of the site add-ins auto updated and broke a bunch of stuff which I’ve been chasing down and fixing.

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