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Do High ISOs Make DSLRs More Sensitive To Light?

Many new astro-imagers believe that they can make their camera more sensitive to light by using a higher ISO setting. This is not surprising given that there are a vast number of articles out there that continue to spread this myth (including photography magazines and other technical publications that really ought to know better). After […]

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The Histogram

How to Interpret an Image Histogram

The histogram is probably the most important tool available in any astro-imaging application, both for capturing images and for processing them once captured. For those just starting out in astrophotography, the histogram is also one of the simplest but most frequently misunderstood tools. In this short guide will explain the histogram; both what it means and […]

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Foam Camping Mat

Dew Formation and Prevention

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Dew Control

Unless you are fortunate enough to do your imaging in a very dry environment, you will be all too familiar with the problem of dew forming on your telescope objective, corrector plate or camera lens. As an astro-imager who spends all his time ten metres above sea-level and within sight of the North Sea, dew […]

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