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Roof carriage chassis

Building a Small Imaging Observatory – Roof

In this part of the series, I will cover construction of the roof. This is the most complex part of the structure and it required a bit of trial and error to create something workable. The Roof Chassis There are various options for making a workable roll-off mechanism, but I settled on using V-Groove steel […]

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Fence post framework

Building a Small Imaging Observatory – Foundations

In this post, we’ll get started on the foundations and framework for my roll-off roof back garden observatory. In the previous post, I finished building the telescope pier and now it’s time to enclose it. The Framework When planning this observatory, I considered a number of construction options. Many people buy a wooden, plastic or […]

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DIY Solar Seeing Monitor

DIY Solar Scintillation Seeing Monitor (SSSM)

In this post, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide to building an inexpensive Solar Scintillation Seeing Monitor. The SSSM is a handy device which monitors the atmospheric seeing conditions during solar imaging. This SSSM can be built for a fraction of the cost of commercially available devices. You can use the SSSM to monitor seeing conditions through the day, […]

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DIY Laptop Shade

DIY Laptop Shade / Dew Shield

In this post, I will explain how to build a dual-purpose laptop shade / dew shield for a cost of approximately £20 (GBP). As explained in Dew Formation and Prevention, the simplest way to prevent dew forming on equipment is to shield it from direct exposure to the night sky. Using this shield will help to […]

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