The Pleiades (M45)

The Pleiades (M45, The Seven Sisters or Subaru) is a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

The Pleiades (M45)
The Pleiades (M45)

Acquisition: Skywatcher ED80 DS Pro, Skywatcher 0.86x reducer, ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool, Atik EFW2, Astronomik Ha, OIII, SII 1.25″
Mount/Guiding: Orion ST80, QHY 5, PHD2, Sky-Watcher NEQ6, EQMod, Sequence Generator Pro
Processing: PixInsight 1.8
Dates: Dec. 26th 2017
Lights: L 20 x 60s, L20 x 120s, RGB 10 x 120s each, Unity Gain, -15C
Bias: 300
Darks: 100
Flats: 25

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  1. Steffen Boelaars

    Can’t find a contact option on the website so I’m putting this here: The Nikon d7500 sensor specs used in the Imaging Toolbox are incorrect. When choosing Nikon d7500 it is using a pixel size of 5.90 but in reality it’s 4.22. A significant enough difference to warrant a little update. The native resolution is 5568 x 3712 on a 23.5 x 15.7 mm chip.

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